New Texart XT-640S Direct-to-Garment Printer from Roland DGA

New Texart XT-640S Direct-to-Garment Printer from Roland DGA

New from Roland DGA is the Texart™ XT-640S. This multi-station direct-to-garment printer delivers maximum productivity, versatility, and flexibility at a much lower price than high-volume industrial DTG machines.

Featuring an innovative design, cutting-edge features, and specialised RIP software, the XT-640S is akin to having multiple DTG printers in one device. This makes it easier for users to maximise production and minimise costs.

The XT-640S is ideal for screen printing operations that no longer want to turn down short-run orders and want the ability to ramp up production during busier times. In addition, it’s the perfect machine for graphics apparel businesses seeking to expand their products by integrating an advanced “print what you want” solution. The XT-640S direct-to-garment printer is straightforward to use. It is a device that screen printing shops and other print providers can add to their current production workflow with minimal operator training.

The design and features of the XT-640S enable screen printers and print providers to go beyond printing T-shirts. The sliding baseplate and platen flatbed operation gives users the flexibility to customise a wide variety of cotton and cotton-blend products, including specialty apparel items, accessories, gifts, interior décor, and more. It also offers an intuitive digital workflow with pre-defined print environments. With advanced machine features that adapt seamlessly with existing production software systems for the ultimate web-to-print solution. A separate control tower with touchpad controls, user-friendly CADlink Digital Factory Apparel Software, and innovations like customer barcode reading allow easy integration into current production workflows.

This machine delivers the kind of production results that you might get from more expensive industrial print machines. Also, the versatility of this printer provides distinct advantages by increasing the print opportunities for users. It can print on multiple T-shirts at a time; its 63” x 54” flatbed with a Z height of eight inches lets you customise items like towels, blankets, jeans, jackets, décor, and more. The printer’s rail-based system, multiple stations, sliding baseplate, and docking platen operation optimise efficiency and productivity. While one set of product platens is in production, users can pre-treat and set up platens for the next print job.

The XT-640S uses CMYK and high-density White INKU Eco Passport Certified DTG inks specially formulated to achieve vibrant graphics on white or coloured garments with a natural look and feel and wash durability.

Lily Hunger, DGA Senior Product Manager, said, “Our new Texart XT-640S direct-to-garment printer fulfils a truly unique market niche. This versatile, easy-to-use machine not only enables users to print directly on a wide variety of apparel and accessory items it also allows screen print businesses and other types of operations to accept a broader range of jobs. They can print small batches quickly with low operational costs, but they also have the continuous printing capabilities to accommodate larger production runs. And, regardless of the type of job, users can depend on XT-640S to deliver high quality, customer-pleasing output.”

The XT-640S can be integrated into your production management software. It also comes bundled with CADlink Digital Factory Apparel Software, which can be used as a standalone system and offers many tools and features. The advanced, easy-to-use RIP boasts high-fidelity colour printing, job preparation, and web-to-print management tools designed to streamline production workflow, including integration, and reading of customer barcodes for automatic job sorting, tools for simple image placement on garments. In addition, white ink management features produce automated underbases based on graphic transparency, a tab-based queue system with a full preview for garments of all colours, sizes and types, an out-of-the-box colour profile, colour adjustment tools, and more.




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