MUTOH releases UV Embossed update for VerteLith RIP

MUTOH releases UV Embossed update for VerteLith RIP

MUTOH  has released "Embossed Print Environment (pre-set files)" for VerteLith RIP, and the Texture Library (Adobe Illustrator file), optimised for embossed printing for users of UV LED flatbed printers, XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF. The service is available in MUTOH Club, a website exclusively for MUTOH users.

Embossed printing (thickly layered print) with varnish ink on the UV printers can be set up simply by loading the Print Environment (pre-set) into VerteLith. Six different surface texture combinations are available with three varying thickness levels with a gloss finish and three varying thickness levels with a matte finish.

The MUTOH Texture Library and the Embossed Print Environment provide texture patterns ideal for the decorative printing of goods and other items with 2.5D texture, in addition to flat designs.

UV-LED printers, XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF, are equipped with "UV LED Lamp Local Dimming Control Technology" that enables fine adjustment of printed surface texture by controlling UV LED lamp irradiation. To achieve a gloss or matte finish, the irradiation parameters of the UV LED lamps must be fine-tuned to suit the final required outcome.

VerteLith RIP Software can pre-register complex settings, including irradiation parameters as print environments, which can then be exported and imported. The Print Environment, where the settings necessary for embossed printing are registered, has been created and is available for download by MUTOH users.

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