Brother, GJS and TAFE NSW announce the inaugural winner of the Excellence in Digital Decorating Award.

Brother, GJS and TAFE NSW announce the inaugural winner of the Excellence in Digital Decorating Award.

Brother, TAFE NSW and GJS have announced the first Excellence in Digital Decorating Award winner, student Jiann Mobbs from Bathurst, NSW.

The award is presented annually to a TAFE NSW student studying Certificate II in Printing and Graphic Arts who demonstrates excellence in digital decoration. Students demonstrate their skills, gain acknowledgment for their dedication, and serve as an inspiration for their peers to pursue a career in print.

This year’s winner was awarded the accolade for her dedication to the course, exceptional graphic design skills and adaptability to new print technology.

“I am delighted to award the first-ever BIA Excellence in Digital Decorating to Jiann on behalf of Brother International Australia in collaboration with GJS. Witnessing the impressive display of skill and passion from a dedicated print enthusiast, I take great pride in recognising and rewarding Jiann for her efforts,” said Adam Magrin, Internal Account Manager Brother International Australia.

“Thanks to the support from Brother, GJS, and TAFE NSW for the GTXpro Bulk DTG printer, I found joy in witnessing my creations, which embody my personality and creative freedom, come to life in physical form, whether that may be on posters, banners, or T-shirts,” said Mobbs.

Mobbs plans to continue working in the print industry as a tradesperson to further develop her skills and understanding of the craft. She also plans to obtain a degree in teaching so that she can “inspire the next generation of printing apprentices and hopefully encourage people from regional areas to give the industry a go,” she adds.

The award program was launched in May 2023 as a collaboration between Brother International Australia, TAFE NSW, and GJS Group Australia. It aims to foster the growth of aspiring digital decorators and garment designers by providing them with access to technology and educational support. Installing the Brother GTXpro Bulk direct-to-garment (DTG) printer at TAFE NSW enhanced the learning experience. It facilitated the award for students pursuing a career in printing and graphic arts, particularly in digital decoration.

Brother says the award indicates its commitment to empowering the next generation of print entrepreneurs and contributing to the evolution of the printing industry.

“The collaboration facilitated by GJS between TAFE NSW and Brother enriches the educational experiences of our students venturing into printing and graphic arts, particularly in digital decoration. Brother's sustained dedication is immensely beneficial for TAFE NSW, empowering us to equip our students with resources for professional print equipment and to lay a strong foundation in the industry, whether their aspirations lie in digital print operation, design, print sales, or print management,” said Craig Rollins, Head Teacher Printing, TAFE NSW.

The next BIA Excellence in Digital Decorating will be awarded in 2025.

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